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WebzoneBD IT Solution.  Software provides Web and Desktop Application Development services to big and small companies.

Custom software development is not just a task for the "techie programmers ”, to our company it is a business critical software development process that should be delivered as a fully managed service to the highest standards of quality, and in a punctual and cost-effective manner.

WebzoneBD IT Solution.  company specialize in software and web application development services such as Inventory software development, Payroll Software, Accounting Software, Hospital Management Software , College and University Management Software , ERP solution of Real Estate Company,  Content distribution & management systems development, e-commerce software programming, web portals and websites development  plus many others.

The sectors our company has extensive software development expertise in include Advertising, E-commerce. WebzoneBD IT Solution.  Company technical software development expertise in providing web development services includes: Online application development, Java development (J2EE, J2SE), HTML, CSS, PHP, .NET, C/C++, C# software programming, Flex, and more.

Presently, our company has engineered many successful web development projects with companies from Bangladesh

WebzoneBD IT Solution.  Software Development Company can deliver the following benefits to you:

    Cost reduction, Increased productivity, Faster development time


Accounting Software also have log in pannel For superadmin & admin user
  Accounts Setup:    
  Admin user manage   Salary sheet create
  Capital holder manage   Income statement
  Designation manage   Balance sheet create
  Additional salary   Income statement
  Chart of accounts   Balance sheet
  Expense item manage   Accounts Report:
  Income item manage   Expense report
  Accounts manage:   Income report
  Capital amount manage   Salary sheet
  Expense transaction    
  Income transaction    
  Also Have change password option & Log out.

HR Payroll and Attendance System

  HR Payroll and Attendance System also have log in pannel For superadmin & admin user.
  Pharmacy Setup:
  Admin user manage    
  Companny mannage    
  Employee Management    
  Designation Management    
  Department Manage    
  Attendance Module    
  Payroll manage    
  late issue    
  leave issue    
  Also Have change password option & Log out.

Academy Management Automation

Academy Management Automation also have log in pannel For superadmin & admin user
  Academic Setup:   Exam:
  Class list   Exam list
  Subject list   Exam schedule
  Class wise lubject   Result:
  Student:   Exam result
  Student list   Finalize result
  Student records   Promotion
  Employee:   Performance:
  Employee designation   Attendance
  Employee list   Waiver category
  Payment:   Assign waiver
  Fee Name setup   Reward
  Fee List   Punishment
  collection schedule   Settings:
  payment collection   Business year
      Promotion criteria
  Also Have change password option & Log out.

Real Estate Management

  Real Estate Management System also have log in pannel For superadmin & admin user
  Real Estate Setup:
  Admin user manage   Real Estate Query:
  Project information manage   Client payment schedule
  Allotment price installment   Allotment wise deposite
  Payment head manage   Allotment wise installment
  Client information manage   Real Estate Estimate:
  Employee information manage   Floor head manage
  Rent information manage   Work title manage
  Real Estate Transaction:   Real Estate Report:
  Allotment status manage   Project information reports
  Money Receipt Manage    
  Also Have change password option & Log out.

Sales Inventory Distributor

  Qubee and Other Network Company Sales Inventory Support Inventory Setup also have log in pannel for superadmin and admin user.
  Sales Inventory Setup:
  Admin user manage    
  Retailer manage    
  Sales person manage    
  Product name manage    
  Sales Inventory Manage:    
  Product entry    
  Sales manage    
  Sales Inventory Report:    
  Product entry`    
  Primary sales    
  Final sales    
  Also Have change password option & Log out.


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